Friday, June 19, 2009

My bhaabi story

Hi friends today I am going to narrate you a story which happened withme six months back with my own bhabhi. I live in Delhi with my bhaiyabhabhi on first floor. My name is Raj 25 years old 5.11' and veryhandsome guy. I live with my brother Ashish 38 and my bhabhi Rekha 38years old having a very good figure 38-28-36 very long hairs below herbutts 5.7' and always wear sarree at home. Bhaiya is a governmentemployee and is very busy. He comes home late in the night and totallydrunk. They had an arrange marriage 4 years back and have no issuestill date.This incident happened in may 2006 when during chat I met a lady fromBangalore. I was new to chat that time and the lady whom I was talkingto was married and was 46 years old. She was very impressed with me byseeing my photograph. She was willing to have sex with me but due tothe distance it was hardly possible for me to have sex with her. Shecalled me a lot of times on my cell when it was not possible for me tocome online. Once she called me up and my bhabhi picked up the phoneas I was busy having bath. She talked to her and gave me her message.When I came out of bath I called her and she asked me to come online.When I went online she asked me to show my bhabhi's pic to her which Idid. Well I would give all the credit to that lady who arranged sexfor me with my own bhabhi. She was very impressed to see my bhabhi andasked me that did I ever thought to have sex with her? I was silentthen coz I really didn't knew what the answer was. I gave her all thedetails of my family and my bhabhi. She asked me to confirm thatwhat's in my bhabhi's mind as she is a unsatisfied lady.She told me to go and sleep in bhabhi's room in the afternoon when sheis making lunch. She told me to wear trousers with zip open and tokeep it hard rock facing roof and keep hands on my head just toconfirm her that I was asleep. Now she gave me an idea and the rest IdidBhabhi was busy making food in kitchen she was looking very sexy inred sarree. I went to the kitchen and told bhabhi that I was sleepingin your bedroom as I am not well having pain in my whole body andasked her to wake me for lunch in half hour. I went to her bedroom andlied there on her bed and try to behave like I am fast asleep. I hadno underwear below my trousers. I was willing to go to bathroom andpiss but I didn't as I knew that under pressure my cock can be harder.I thought of my bhabhi with closed eyes and tried to make my cockbigger by stressing it. Within seconds it became rock hard. I wouldlike to tell all of you guys that I have a very fat cock 7" long.While I was trying to be asleep I heard sounds of bangles in room. Islightly opened my eyes and saw my bhabhi searching something inalmirah. My heart started beating. She turned around and saw my dickstanding rock hard. She kept on watching it with her eyes wide openand sat there on sofa. As the sofa is with the bed so I could not viewthat what my bhabhi was doing. After some time she left the room. Shedid not even dared to wake me up maybe she was afraid.After some time I stood up and went to the kitchen. Before that I wentto the loo to release my pressure which was already unbearable for me.I asked bhabhi for food she gave me and went to her room and told methat she is sleeping and bolted the door.In the evening bhaiya came from office at 10. As usual he was drunk.He abused bhabhi in front of me and went to sleep. My mind was veryeager to get my bhabhi tonight. I asked bhabhi that I am gettingheadache and if she can massage my head. She accepted and told me togo in my room and she will bring hot oil for massage.I went to my room and within minutes bhabhi came with a bowl in herhand with oil. I was lying on bed so she told me to sit down which Irefused and told her to apply it on bed. She came and sat on bed andtold me to put my head on her legs which I did. While applying oil thepaloo of her sarree fell on my head and it got drenched in oil. I saidsorry bhabhi please remove your sarree otherwise it will spoil. Sheobeyed and removed her sarree. My cock started standing on viewing bigboobs of my bhabhi over my head. The sound of her bangles her hairswere making me too hot. She was massaging me very well and suddenly Inoticed that my bhabhi's petticoat was also wet with oil.I said oh shits bhabhi see your petticoat is also spoiled now. I toldher to remove her petticoat and she refused. I hold her hands and saidsorry to her on behalf of my brother. She broke within seconds and wascrying very heavily. I held her and wiped her tears and told her toremove her petticoat and put it in water so that the sarree andpetticoat shall be saved with stains. I locked the door and assuredher that bhaiya is fast asleep. I told her that I want to talk to hertonight about the relation of her and bhaiya.She obeyed and removed her petticoat and sat on the bed and told me toapply oil first. My god half nude bhabhi in front of me. Massaging me.I stopped her and stood up with my bulge facing her. I told her to letme remove her blouse otherwise it would also get spoiled which sheaccepted. I opened the hooks and removed her blouse. Wow such a bigboobs fighting to tear off the bra. I could not control myself andtold her bhabhi if you don't mind I would like to massage you as youdid a lot for our family so I want to repay you.She told me ok but first I have to take bath. I told her ok and toldher to have bath in my bathroom. She went inside the bathroom and Iknocked the door. She was standing still there with her bra and pantyon…. I told bhabhi I want to scrub you first from back as it wouldhelp in a good massage. First she refused and after a lot of requestsfrom my side she told me to come inside the bathroom.I told her to lay in the bath tub and she obeyed me and told to removemy clothes as it would become wet then. I obeyed and removed myclothes. Only in underwear standing in front of bhabhi. I went insidethe bathtub and started to splash water on my bhabhi. I told her toremove bra for which she refused. Then a idea stuck in my mind. I toldbhabhi to be in doggy style inside the tub so that I could scrub herback. I got the opportunity to open her bra now. Her long hairs andher bra strap were making my dick too hard now to tear my underwear. Istarted scrubbing bhabhi's back with scrub cream and side by sidemoving hands on her waist. My cock was pushing her ass to hard now.Then I unhooked her bra now and saw her total nude back without brastrings. It was and it is a lovely back. My bhabhi started moaning andI heard sounds and felt wetness down there her panties. I held mybhabhi now and made her sit in the tub. She was holding her bra withone hand. I hold the other hand of bhabhi and asked her bhabhi want tofeel your devar now? And took her hand inside my underwear. Electriccurrent went through her body which toughing my cock and her face wasdeep red till then. My gosh she then started playing with my cock andby that time I was out of control I removed my underwear and showed mybhabhi the perfect Qutab Minar for a loose pussy. She was reallyshocked to see my rod and removed hands from her bra which fell downand here my bhabhi came total nude in front of me.She told me that we should not do this but by force I sucked herbreast and moved hands over her waist and belly. By that time she wastoo hot and ready to be submitted to her devar. I asked her bhabhi dou want to taste your devar. Within seconds she took my rod inside hermouth and started sucking it and side by side moving hands on my ballsahhhhhhhhh what that feeling was after sucking about 15 minutes Ibecame too hot to fuck her. I pushed her back in the tub and placed myrod on her pussy. She stopped me as she was afraid that my thick rodcould tear her pussy. She requested me to do it slowly for which Irefused and pushed my dick inside her.. I thought her pussy is tootight but after some time she told me that she had seen such a thickand huge cock the first time. She told me that she had sex with 9 guysbefore her marriage and no one had such a cock. I was really shockedto hear this that my own bhabhi had sex with nine guys. Well finally Itried to push me cock inside. It was going but it was too hard for metoo. She was screaming and I got afraid that bhaiya would wake up. Itold her to keep silent but she refused as she was getting wild painin her pussy. I placed my lips on her's and locked her mouth with mylips and had a kiss and fuck session for about 30 minutes. After thatshe came and stopped me and laid in the tub holding me tight to herbody for the next 30 minutes. It was too difficult for me to stay likethis as my penis was still hard and waiting to cum.Then I told my bhabhi that I haven't cum as yet. As usual she was alsoshocked to her this. I told her to be in doggy style for which sheaccepted. I pushed my hard cock inside her pussy from behind. It waseasy now.. This was the first time when my whole cock was inside herpussy. She was still screaming in pain but I had no other option tomake her silent. I grabbed her boobs from back and made my motionfaster and faster. This continued for next around 40 minutes and wecame along.I was really exhausted because I had cum after about 1 ½ hours offuck. After that we went to my room and had another session and thistime I lasted in about 2 hours and tried different position. I triedto get her ass once but it was too difficult for her to bear it and Ididn't wanted to force her. We slept on each other till 4 o clock inthe morning and after that my bhabhi wore her sarree and went to herroom and slept with bhaiya. The next morning when bhaiya had gone thenwe had a lot of sessions during the day. We dropped the plan of fuckin the night as it was too risky. This continued for about 3 monthsand after that I got a good news from my bhabhi that she is pregnantand that evening I got a bad news too that my brother is transferredto Mumbai and will leave within a month. Well we had sex a lot oftimes during her pregnancy as it was very difficult for her to controland it was the same for meAfter that the saddest part of the story is that she left with bhaiyafor Mumbai leaving me alone here. She had called me a lot of timestill now but as all of you know calls can't satisfy physical urge andI am also not that kind of guy who will force her to come to Delhi.

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