Friday, June 19, 2009

Amravati girl Shweta fucked by lover

I am shweta from amravati. let me describe myself. I am 19 having nice figure of 34-28-36. I have kissed many boys but never fucked. so, I was eager to experience the feel of hard cock in my pussy. I would always fantasize about a boy fucking me hard and I am moaning loud, finally I got a chance to have a cock and loose my virginity.This happened few days ago when my parents were gone to attend a marriage in another city. so I was alone at home as I am a horny girl, I enjoy masturbating and satisfy myself that day, I was feeling horny , as I woke up I decided to have some fun. I completed all my work and got bath. I wore no clothes just the bra and panties which my boyfriend had gifted me.I watched tv for sometime and then called up my boyfriend just to chat. I told him I was alone at home i can feel him blushing with happiness and he kept the phone quickly, I was surprised , I started to watch tv again. suddenly the doorbell rang. I was only in my bra and panties so I put on my thin nighty and opened door. it was my boyfriend. I let him in and closed the door. he came to meet me.I went in the kitchen to bring water for him. I was very horny and planned to seduce him. I came back and sat infront of him in such a way that he could see my thighs and panties. he started staring at me and I saw a bulge creating in his pants. I got impatient and attacked him and gave him a deep he got a signal and he stood up and started kissing and caressing my tits. I dropped my nighty. now I was only in bra panties. he took me to the bedroom. he got naked and removed my bra and panties. now he started kissing my pussy. I was in heaven and moaning loud. then he put his finger in my pussy and finger-fucked me.I could do nothing but just enjoy the intense pleasure. I felt an orgasm building in me. I moaned AHHH....AH...UHH.. I got a big orgasm that lasted too long. he stopped for sometime to relax me. he said to me, now its your turn to please me. then he put his dick at the entrance of my pussy and pushed it deep inside. I cried with pain that was hard to bear , the blood came out as well as tears. I was helpless but he didnt stop. he continued to fuck my little pussy. soon pain turned into pleasure. he was enjoying me and I too. then he fucked me in doggy style. finally he told me that he is cumming I took all his cum in my mouth. after that heavenly fuck we lay there nude for sometime.he took some pictures of me nude masturbating etc. he told me he likes smell of my pussy. so I gave him my bra and panties that I wore. he was very happy. I thanked him. this was my experience.

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